To compare offers, click the Star button next to the loan offers that match your financial needs.

Starring a loan offer will pin it to a graph to allow you to see Payments Over Time and Loan Costs. If you Star multiple loan offers, you will be able to see how the offers stack up against each other.

Use your mouse to hover over the lines on the graph to see:

  1. Total Amount Remaining (broken down by Interest and Principal)

  2. Total Amount Paid (broken down by Interest and Principal)

  3. Average Monthly Payment

  4. Total Time Until the Loan is Paid in Full

Once you decide on a specific loan offer, click on the offer to learn more about it.

Click on the down arrows to expand the Loan Details, Payment Details and Fees, Penalties and Discounts. Once you have a chance to review the offer, you can click "Explore" to see the final steps.

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